Thursday, June 17, 2010

What are patients saying about Dr. Gates & Round Rock Orthodontics?

Round Rock Orthodontics, serving serving Round Rock and surrounding communities here in central Texas, deliver the highest quality orthodontic care in a personalized environment. We make orthodontic treatment fun and enjoyable. Just see what our patients have to say!

"He was very informative about the orthodontic plans with Nicholas. He was also interested in talking to Nick, 10 yr old, about his summer. I think this made Nick feel comfortable on his first visit" ~ Margie N.

"Everyone was so delightful as well as the Dentist....what a breath of fresh air..." ~ Susan C.

"He is straight forward - open communication, friendly and efficient staff." ~ Regina S.

"Dr. Gates was personable. During my first visit, I noticed he had braces and thought that was cool. Additionally, he discussed the benefit of braces and how much Dentistry has progressed. Also, I absolutely loved WILL!!! He was great, as was the rest of the staff. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable." ~ Kimberley T.

"The appointment times were convenient. The office was very warm and inviting, albeit very busy :) Dr. Gates is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. My son was a little anxious about getting started, but Dr. Gates answered his questions." ~ Michelle C.

Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts about our office!

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